chip tuning in Riga

Engine power increase and fuel consumption decrease
  • Solving software problems
  • Engine performance increase starting
    by 10% within 40 minutes
  • Guaranteed result or money return

How can changing the parameters of the vehicle’s engine control unit, in other words, chip tuning, be beneficial to you?

Increase engine performance and enjoy the ride!
Decrease costs
Fuel consumption can be decreased by correctly remapping the parameters of engine control. The gains become obvious quickly during the fuel price increase periods. It is especially relevant to the owners of heavy, weighing several tons cars.
Dynamic and smooth running
Smooth gear change; increased the engine’s dynamic and performance; decreased the engine’s produced noise level. Feel more confident even performing overtaking manoeuvres.
Engine capacity/performance category change
Manufacturers are forced to apply performance restrictions according to various vehicle complications, transport taxes, and European regulations. However, limitations can be removed, this way increasing performance, which gains sometimes can be by 100%!
Increased engine capacity
Chip tuning not only gives the opportunity to change a vehicle’s category but also allows to increase performance, torque and responses, precisely managing engine performance modes. It always gives predictable results. Indicators are calculated individually.
Engine endurance prolonging
Chip tuning can improve and optimize engine performance, this way prolonging its endurance even for a longer period than stated by a manufacturer.
Enjoyable drive
New possibilities for quick, smooth and safe run-ins. Comfortable driving and inexperienced feelings - easy, without stress and effort. Confidence and safety increase on the road. Enjoy each drive!

Cannot pass technical inspection?

Could software issues be the cause? We work with correcting software errors so you can pass technical inspection successfully. When the engine’s warning signals lighten up all the time or it spins in too high revolutions, drivers feel lost and do not know whom to ask for advice. That is our specialization!

We will fix software errors so you can pass technical inspection and drive comfortably without any undesired warnings.
Could the problem be in the software?
  • Spinning engine faster than the maximum allowable revolutions
  • Illuminated warning light “Check engine”
  • Increased smokiness
  • The inaccurately programmed control unit

You are not taking any risks!

10-day test drive
Factory setting renewal
If you are not satisfied with the result, we easily renew previous settings. We save the software that your car has when you come to us. Thus, in a 10- day trial period, you can test your tuned vehicle and if afterwards, you will not be satisfied with the result, we will improve chip tuning or reset everything to its initial parameters.
100% reimbursement
If within 10 days you decide to renew initial settings, we will do that without harming your vehicle and also fully paying back money for software. No risks neither to your car or pocket! Our work is insured.

Why should you choose us?

Work speed
We work quicker than others in Riga. Chip tuning can take from 40 minutes to 5 hours - your car’s performance already improves within a day!
We offer three beneficial tariff plans. Other as economic and high-level service does not exist in Latvia.
We are in the market since 2009.
We chip tune cars already for more than 13 years. We have successfully chip-tuned more than 20 thousand cars, and we know how to do that.
Riga and Latvia
Our services are highly appreciated by drivers not only in Riga and its suburbs but also in all of Latvia and the remaining Baltic countries.
We offer a 100% refund policy because we feel confident about our delivered results. That is confirmed by our customers.
We solve any extraordinary task because our electronic and programming experience is rich.

How does the work process look?

Video about the company

Our services

Full set
We offer STAGE 1.2. engine capacity increase, particle filter, swirl flap, EGR flap, Adblue/SCR programming, automatic transmission tuning etc. services. Each case is discussed individually depending on the client’s desires and vehicle characteristics. More detailed information can be found here šeit.
What is STAGE 1?
On the software level, we increase engine capacity and torque by remapping a control unit and using hidden power reserves that a vehicle already initially has.

The performance gains are by 15-30 % or even more.
Test at the power stand
Test at the power stand - that is the result guarantee. We show power increase and issue a certificate proving it. Quite often your car cannot reach needed indicators because already initially it has a defect, although it is not visible. If it is not fixed - the result of chip tuning will be minimal. The power stand helps to identify actual engine capacity before proceeding with chip tuning and it also helps to do our job at the highest quality.

We take care of the environment

When we provide our services, we also offer you to measure the number of flue gases.
This way we make sure that environmentally unfriendly black tailing gases do not harm - we manage the level of emissions and take care of the environment.

Prices and estimated work time

We offer three service deals. The given prices are approximate - we will be able to provide a precise price after a consultation.
  • STAGE 1
  • Engine performance gains by 10–15 %
  • Guaranteed successful technical inspection passing
  • DTC code reading + erasing
This deal is better than 80% of those offered by other chip tuning service providers in Latvia. The minimal price for truly responsible service.
Price: €100-200 / Work time: 40-60 min
  • Individual STAGE 1
  • Engine performance gains by 20 %
  • File check and analysis
  • Complete DTC code scanning + erasing
  • Fuel consumption decrease
  • The reduction in exhaust gas emissions
The price difference is small, however, this deal includes more services and possibilities - it is chosen the most often because people want to save money.
Price: €150-250 / Work time: 60-90 min
  • STAGE 1/STAGE 1+
  • Individual chiptuning
  • Detailed file analysis
  • Complete DTC scanning
  • DYNO - test with the photos and printed results
  • Exhaust gas emission test with the printed results
  • Guaranteed successful technical inspection passing
  • Certificate
The best solution. The test of all modifications on the spot and issuing of the certificate. 100% improvement guarantee. We will discover your vehicle’s potential completely.
Price: €250-500 / Work time: 3-5 hours

Frequently asked questions

Why do manufacturers limit power?
There are various reasons why manufacturers program engine software without applying the maximum of opportunities:
1. Manufacturers create artificial differences between various car models to sell cars with higher performance for a higher price.
2. Taxes - manufacturers overpay for more powerful cars, however, you will not have to do that after chip tuning.
3. Environmental requirements in the producing country - installation of particle filters, EGR valve and catalytic converter.

The car’s performance is supposed to be higher, thus, removing applied engine restrictions within reasonability does not do any damage to it.
How to check how much more powerful my car has become?
You will feel the power increase at once - the most important is to have comfortable driving not only to have certificates with altered indicators.

However, we can check indicators and confirm the exact power increase when issuing a certificate. We measure power at the Dyno stand - before chip tuning, we test the manufacturer’s software and after chip tuning we measure differences. This service is included in the deal “GOLD”.
How chip tuning can help to save fuel?
Decreased fuel consumption is another side benefit of the qualitatively processed chip tuning.
If you press a gas pedal to its maximum you cannot hope for decreased fuel consumption.
On the daily basis, fuel consumption reduces because of regulated fuel mix parameters, as well as, torque is higher with lower engine speed.

Thus, there is no need to press the gas pedal to the maximum as driving already is very dynamic.
Can chip tuning be done if a vehicle has a manufacturer’s warranty?
If you have a manufacturer’s warranty, you risk losing it. In our experience, there is no case when a warranty would have been removed after chip tuning.

Manufacturers usually come to a step forward to clients as they are not interested to cause a conflict, whereas we from our side provide all necessary for high-quality chip tuning - CVN, registration of programming activities etc.

However, despite all the above mentioned, it does not give a 100% guarantee that a dealer will not detect a remap. Therefore we take full responsibility for what we do.
How does chip tuning affect technical inspection?
The power unit and engine’s characteristics do not change during the chip tuning. All error codes and diagnostics tests will be the same as before.

Thus, diagnostics are the same as in the initial manufacturer's diagnostics software - remap does not affect it.
How does new software appear?
We persistently develop new high-quality software for various car models.
We have a rich experience in the fields of electronics and programming, we work on software updates all the time.
Most importantly - we do everything by ourselves, thus we take full responsibility for quality.
Does it make sense to apply chip tuning to atmospheric engines?
In the majority of cases, it does not.
In atmospheric engines performance gains are small, usually increase is by 2-5%.
Another story is if power has been limited on purpose. In these cases, the removal of limitations helps to reveal the car’s actual potential.
What should I do if I am not happy with the chip tuning results?
If you are not satisfied with the result, we easily will renew the initial settings. We save your car’s original software when you come to us.

After chip tuning, you have 10 days to test a car. If you are not satisfied with the result, we improve chip tuning or renew initial settings.

Is chip tuning safe for the vehicle?

The short answer - is yes, it is even useful. These are the reasons:
The performance is increased for as much as a manufacturer has already planned but artificially limited. Engine capacity is not reduced, you could already have the same results from the beginning if only the brand policy would not have affected it.
Why is it useful? Previously, you had to press the gas pedal to the maximum to reach dynamic driving. After chip tuning, the same performance indicators will be achieved by less engine speed, which at the same time will protect nodes increasing their endurability, and decreasing fuel consumption.
We can remove the so-called ecological systems - EGR, DPF, FLAPS, SCR - due to which exhaust is recirculated and remains in the engine. What is dangerous? Engine experiences trouble breathing, which results in performance decrease and fuel consumption increase. Removal of these systems does not harm nature, however, it can protect your vehicle, and increase its engine reliability because of the cleanliness that infuses liveliness.
You always will be able to renew initial settings if at some point you will start doubting that the results are not what you have expected. We will renew everything as it was - a vehicle will be the same, and you will not feel any difference. It can be done quickly and without leaving any consequences.
Do you consider chip tuning?
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Our works

The owner was not fully satisfied with the manufacturer’s set performance indicators. We were happy to solve the problem. AUDI Q7 2016 - an amazing German product - is equipped with 3.0 TDI Common Rail fuel injection, in standard it just has a horsepower of 218 (hp) and 500 Nm of torque.

This engine is deforced already at the factory because of marketing considerations. Thanks to performance gains and high-quality engine remapping, we got a horsepower of 308 (hp) and 638 Nm of torque. These improved features completely changed the vehicle. As paradoxically as it is, we also reduced fuel consumption by 11/100 km.
While processing all the above-mentioned modifications, none of the elements responsible for ecological safety was touched.

Performance parameters were improved at our DYNO stand, which allowed us to set parameters with detailed precision and show the client an actual result not just theoretical information from the Internet.
BMW 335d xDrive Bi-Turbo 2015
The owner of the vehicle BMW 355 D came to us to improve dynamic indicators. The vehicle is equipped with the best in the market available diesel engine - a 3.0L Twin Turbo Inline-6 Cylinder engine with a standard horsepower of 313 (hp).

The owner was greatly surprised when testing at the DYNO stand showed a horsepower of just 224 (hp). A not too well acquainted with or at technical things an inexperienced driver can use the car and even not notice reduced horsepower because also 224 (hp) is a quite acceptable indicator to an average static vehicle. Continuing about the particular car, it is the same as running with an injured leg - of course, it is possible but completely inefficient and can lead to serious consequences.
After identifying and fixing defects at our partners, the vehicle regained its “health” and initially supposed horsepower of 313 (hp). Thanks to our accurate setting, engine power was increased to 362 (hp).

It is hard to describe the owner’s emotions after the completion of our improvements, he was experiencing a “shock”. It is very hard to identify the particular defect without having a chance to test a vehicle at the DYNO stand. We have concluded that all Twin Turbo engine-equipped vehicles have some defects that are connected with engine power loss and usually it is lower than a manufacturer has set.
SKODA KODIAQ vehicle of 2021 arrived to us to increase engine power to Stage 2 which means removing the EGR flap, the DPF exhaust soot filter and swirl flaps in the FLAPS collector, turning off the AdBlue system and improving the performance indicators of the 7-speed automatic transmission. The particular vehicle is equipped with a 2.0L turbo diesel engine with a standard horsepower of 190 (hp) and torque of 400 Nm.

Considering that this vehicle is already at its highest manufacturer’s set power, we still managed to gain an extra 51Hp🐎 and improve torque for an impressive 146nM.
Additionally, we improved indicators of the 7-speed automatic DSG transmission and optimized its performance in a city:
  • - changed gearshift points
  • - increased gearshifting speed
  • - increased clutch pressure
  • - removed torque limitations
  • - as a result of all modifications, the vehicle has gained new life.

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We have improved more than 20 thousand vehicles. We are trusted

We will improve your vehicle!

We work with 98% of all vehicle types and models. In order to clarify details regarding your vehicle, send us an application!
Find out if chip tuning can be applied
to your vehicle, and get the price at once!

We work without intermediators!

We work with the best!
Rich experience
Many companies use more experienced companies to work with files. We are one of these more experienced companies and work with software part by ourselves - improve and test files, install them into the vehicles.

Thus, we can confirm our professionality and responsibility for work. You will not have to overpay for the third party's services.
File service
We offer file services to other professionals all over the world.
If you work with chip tuning, you can send us your files and we will be happy to help you. You send us the files that you have got from the vehicle, and within 30 minutes we alter and send them back to you.
Our technical support will help you to complete work in a shorter time and at the highest quality.


JVK Pro was founded in 2010 and specialises in the remapping of the unit blocks of any complicatedness. Do you want to offer chip tuning services in your region? Install or uninstall ecological systems?
Join the team of professionals. The company JVK Pro invites you to become a partner and offers to make successful investments and join its team.
We will help to learn the basic knowledge needed to work with engine unit blocks, as well as we will ensure support at all stages. Our specialists can help to solve sales and marketing questions.
Also, based on your request, we can send our specialists to your company to help you to develop it confidently and safely.
Contact us if you are interested in cooperation!

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